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Physiotherapy aims to facilitate, restore and build confidence in movement within the body.

It is an evidence-based profession which considers the ‘whole person’ approach to health and well-being, an individual’s injuries, as well as general lifestyle, and can be used to treat a variety of symptoms, usually with the first aim of relieving pain and then to address the cause, to prevent it reoccurring. Treatment can be offered in many forms and new techniques are always evolving.

Physiotherapy at South Norwood Physio

At South Norwood Physio, we use a range of techniques, from ‘hands-on’, such as joint and soft-tissue mobilisation, kinesio-taping, to exercise programmes and Pilates, as well as advice on the management of long-term conditions, ergonomic and postural conditions.

It is important to assess each person fully, identifying relevant issues relating to your pain and addressing these with you, ensuring you understand each step.

Many musculoskeletal conditions can benefit from physiotherapy; from strains and sprains to arthritis and joint pain as well as fractures to back pain.

For more information on whether physiotherapy may benefit you, please get in touch.

Your First Appointment

The initial consultation includes a detailed history; including identification of causative factors to symptoms; (it may be beneficial to note down when you notice your problem, what aggravates or eases symptoms). Knowledge of your relevant past medical history and current medication will ensure that the assessment takes all factors into account.

To assist in reaching a clinical diagnosis the second part of your assessment is a physical examination; including postural and movement analysis and neurological assessment, (where required).

Following your initial consultation, the findings will be explained to help you understand and give you a clearer idea of the nature and cause of symptoms. Knowing how best to look after and make the most of our body in day-to-day life can not only help minimise and reduce pain/injury, but also enhance a sense of general wellbeing.

There is time available within your initial appointment to give appropriate treatment, advice and exercises, which is followed up with an emailed programme of exercises for your reference and completion.

What to Bring

For your first appointment, we recommend that you bring:

 Loose fitting clothing and shorts for any lower limb or low back problems
 Trainers (if appropriate)
 A list of your current medication and relevant past medical history
 Any medical reports such as previous treatments, diagnoses or imaging (X-ray/MRI reports)